WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #91 | “25 to life”

The gang returns to share some interesting theory’s they have about the shooting at the 6ix9ine, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj video shoot. They also discuss Missy Elliot being the first female rapper to be nominated for the 2019 Songwriters Hall of Fame. The trio then discuss XXXTentacion’s posthumous album called “Skins”, upcoming releases from Meek Mill and Offset respectively, “Blackfishing” and much, much more.

Wade, Ari, and G Li also take time to recognize the 25th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest, E-40, and Wu Tang’s debut albums what they meant to the culture and what they meant to them individually.


WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #89 | “Victory Lap”

This week Wade Bloggs, Ari, and G Li start off with a recap of Pusha T’s interview on the Joe Budden Podcast, and Wade takes issue with 1 thing. The discussion then moves to IG model Brittany Renner and her new book “Judge The Cover”, as Wade ask do people still care about “Tell All” Books. The Gang also discusses, Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming R&B album, Rihanna turning down the super bowl, Luke Cage being canceled on Netflix and much, much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #88 | “Point Of View”

Wade, Ari, and G Li return to cover all the latest in Hiphop.

The first start off with Vic Mensa’s alleged diss to XXXTentacion at the B.E.T. Awards, and his subsequent apology.

Things really pick up as the trio talks about Drake’s appearance on the Lebron James hosted talk show called “The Shop” as the dissect Drizzy’s reasons for the start of the “beef” and why he decided not to end it.

They then discuss Quavo’s new album “Quavo Huncho” and his response to Nicki’s bar from her track “Barbie Dreamz. They also discuss Usher’s surprise album, the Wu-tang upcoming tv series, and much much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #87 | “Is You Ready??”

Wade, G Li and Ari recap the some of this weeks events from this culture we call HipHop.

The gang starts off with the news of the leaked birdman phone calls regarding the 2015 Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting. They then discuss T.I. opening the “Trap Museum” and what other hiphop museums they would like to see. While “In Atlanta” they discuss Quavo’s upcoming solo release and compare it to other times when a member leaves a group and what kind of success can we expect. They also discuss NYCC, the new Venom movie, Spotify allowing independent artist to upload and much much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #85 | “Face Off”

The gang returns to cover this past week in hiphop and the culture.

They first discuss R.Kelly’s new track “I Admit” and the ramifications of it and what they think will happen next. Then they discuss the IG war between 50 cent and on again, off again BFF Floyd Mayweather Jr. The discussion then turns to Takashi 69’s recent robbery and if they believe it to be true or another troll job. They also cover Chance’s latest release, Michelle Williams, checking her self into a mental institution, the latest with Meek Mill, Faith Evans and Stevie J getting married and much much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #84 | “Catchin Feelings”.

This week Wade, Ari, and G Li return to discuss some of the top stories in hip hop this week.

First the gang talks about Chance the rapper working with Kanye on his next album, and after the “GOOD Music” experiment would they work with Kanye.
Keeping with Kanye, the trio discusses Teyana Taylor’s recent appearance on the Breakfast club where she talked about what was missing from her release and what they can expect next from her.
The conversation switches when they talk about what song is the song of summer 2018, “Boo’d up”, “In My Feelings”, or …..”Smile Bitch”.

They round the show out with talking about Drake’s new “Freestyle”, Dream selling 75% of his music catalog, and much much more.