WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #67 | “A Night In Chyna”.

Wade, Ari and G Li return to talk about what happened in the culture that is hiphop.

If your along time fan of this show you know how Wade feels about Blac Chyna. Well, this week he had to address her sextape leak and what that means for “them”. The trio also ask “what celeb has had the best sextape?” The gang then reviews Mo’Nique’s Breakfast Club interview and after hearing her side of the story does it change anything for them. They finally talk about Drake’s “God’s Plan” video, Birdman and Toni Braxton, more Black Panther reaction, and much much more.


WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #66 | “From Wakanda With Love”.

Its finally here, after months of speculation and anticipation Marvel’s “Black Panther” is finally in theaters. Join Wade Bloggs, Ari, and G Li attempt to give a spoiler free review.

The gang also talks about Bet’s Social Media Awards, Lebron James remaking the movie “House Party”, Ne-yo’s new album, the latest developments in the Meek Mill case, an app where you can get married on and much, much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #65 | “God & Money Don’t Mix”.

65 cover

The gang returns to talk about any and everything that happen in the culture of hiphop.

They start of with an in depth review of the Quincy Jones interview from Vulture magazine, was it the truth or just the ramblings of a “senile old man”. Then Wade, Ari and G Li discuss Jermaine Dupri being inducted to the songwriters hall of fame, Migos and their billboard records, Tidal becoming the leader in streaming, and much much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #60 | “Views From The 60”.


Join Wade Bloggs and his friends Ari and G Li as they discuss everything that happened this week in the world of hip hop. First the trio discusses Net Neutrality and how it can affect you. Then they talk about the recent arrest in the Chinx muder case. Next they discuss the recent legal issues of Nelly and Russell Simmons, respectively. Finally they go over Black Thought’s incredible freestyle, Chris Brown’s Deluxe album, Eminem’s latest release, Disney buying Fox and much much more.